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There are a a couple of areas where you will have to pay. These are not essential to the easy running of your registration but are necessary to stop too many unwanted ads with no purpose.

One of these is to to purchase ad space - dealt with previously.

The other is to upgrade to a Pro Package. By pronow you are thinking why bother everything is working fine.

When an upgrade has taken place, any page that you Boost (need to contact us if don’t know how) will show on the Home page in a prominant position on everybody’s Home page. Very useful if you want to get a message across or are selling something or have an event coming up that you need user’s to know about. It may be a meeting you have organised and need to everybody there.

There are 3 packages from which to choose: yearly, monthly or weekly, it’s easy and you can quit at any time meaning you only need to pay for the time required.

You can also Boost your page, it then has a link to it on the Home page as well.

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